Georgetown Charter Township
1515 Baldwin St., Jenison, MIĀ  49428

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Agenda

October 25, 2023


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July 26, 2023 Zoning Board Of Appeals Meeting Minutes


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(VAR2303) St John Lutheran Church is requesting to have a lot width of 150 feet, a variance of 50 feet from the 200 feet required in Chapter 24 for a parcel in the Agricultural District (AG), on a parcel of land described as P.P. # 70-10-31-300-009, located at 9650 48th Ave, Jenison, MI, 49428, Ottawa County, Michigan.


(VAR2304) Guggenheim Development Services, LLC, representing Jiffy Lube, 2739 Port Sheldon St, Jenison, MI, 49428, P. P # 70-14-21-400-092, Ottawa County, Michigan

They are requesting the following variances on a parcel of land described as P.P. # 70-14-21-400-092 in a Neighborhood Service Commercial (NS) Zoning District, Ottawa County, Michigan:

  1. To have a front yard setback of 74.46 feet, a variance of 15.54 feet from the 90 foot required setback in Chapter 24 Footnote B (2).
  2. To have parking and drives 45.17 feet from the centerline of Port Sheldon, a variance of 44.83 feet from the 90 foot required setback (30 foot setback measured from a point 60 feet from the centerline of Port Sheldon) to the centerline of Port Sheldon, required in Chapter 24, footnote (L) which states that except for necessary drives and walks, the front yard setback shall be landscaped and not used for parking, loading or accessory structures.
  3. To have a rear yard setback of 9.5 feet with drives, which is a variance of 15.5 feet from the required 25 feet in Chapter 24 Footnote M, which states that where a side and/or rear yard abuts a Residential District, there shall be a minimum yard of not less than twenty five (25) feet, exclusive of parking and drives. Such yard shall contain a greenbelt which meets the minimum standards of Sec. 3.11.
  4. To have a building setback of 31.46 feet from the Right-of-Way line, a variance of 18.54 feet from the 50 feet required in Chapter 20.4 Site Design Standards, subsection AD(3).

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