Georgetown Charter Township
 1515 Baldwin St., Jenison, MI  49428
Township Board Meeting Agenda
 August 23, 2021, 7:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Prayer for Guidance


Jim Wierenga


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


Roll Call


Approval of Agenda


Update from County Commissioner Kyle Terpstra


Communications, Letters and Reports Received for Information


Finance Committee Meeting Minutes of August 16, 2021

  1. fc210816minutes.pdf

Balance Sheet & GL Report


Public Hearings


Public Hearing And Approval Of An Application For IFEC (ACT 198), For Cellulose Material Solutions, LLC, 2472 Port Sheldon Street, Jenison, MI, 49428, P.P. # 70-14-21-400-075 and P.P. # 70-14-28-200-039.

Motion:     To open the public hearing.

After the public hearing-

Motion:     To close the public hearing.

Motion:     To approve the following resolution:


(ACT 198) FOR Cellulose Material Solutions, LLC, 

2472 Port Sheldon Street, Jenison, MI, 49428,

P.P. # 70-14-21-400-075 and P.P. # 70-14-28-200-039

            Whereas, Act 198 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1974, as amended, authorized the Township to approve application for industrial facilities exemption certificate; and

            Whereas, pursuant to Act 198, and after a duly noticed public hearing held on October 10, 1988, this township established the “Industrial District,” for the property listed below:

Nu-Wool Insulation Company, Inc., 2472 Port Sheldon Street, Jenison, MI, 49428, P.P. # 70-14-21-400-075 and P.P. # 70-14-28-200-039, Jenison, MI, Georgetown Township

            Whereas, Cellulose Material Solutions, LLC, hereinafter referred to as “applicant”, has filed an application for an industrial facilities exemption certificate under the provisions of Act 198 and this township set August 23, 2021, at 7:00 PM or after, local time, as the time to give the Township Assessor and a representative of each affected taxing unit an opportunity to be heard regarding said application as amended; and

            Whereas, written notification of this hearing has been given to the Township Assessor and to the legislative body of each taxing unit which levies ad valorem taxes within the township; and

            Whereas, the Township Assessor and a representative of the affected taxing units have been given an opportunity to be heard with regard to the approval of an industrial facility exemption certificate for the applicant; and

            Whereas, there were no objections to the approval of the industrial facilities exemption certificate at the meeting held on August 23, 2021,

            NOW THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, by the Township Board of Georgetown Charter Township as follows:

1.         That this Township Board finds:

  1. The proposed facility is located within an industrial development district which was duly established in Georgetown Township upon request or on the Township’s own initiative, taken before commencement of the restoration, replacement, or construction of the facility.
  1. That completion of the facility shall not have the effect of transferring employment from another community within the State of Michigan to Georgetown Charter Township.
  1. That the aggregate State Equalized Value of real and personal property exempt from ad valorem taxes under Act 198 does not exceed 5% of the total State Equalized Value of the township plus the State Equalized Value of real and personal property thus exempted.
  1. That the granting of industrial facilities exemption certificate, considered together with the aggregate amount of industrial facilities exemption certificates previously granted and currently in force, shall not have the effect of substantially impeding the operation of the township of impairing the financial soundness of a taxing unit which levied an ad valorem property tax in the township.

2.         That the application of the applicant for an industrial facilities exemption certificate with regard to facilities set forth in the application to be constructed in the district be and is hereby approved for a period of twelve (12) years.






Note:   All notices were sent and were published


Public Comments for action items remaining on the agenda (maximum of three minutes per person)


Consent Agenda


Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting


Township Board meeting minutes of August 9, 2021

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Approval of the bills



  1. 210820bills.pdf

2022 Draft Budget Initial Review


Board Committee Assignment Changes

Motion:      Moved by , seconded by , to recommend to the Township Board, that Ryan Kidd be moved from serving as a member of the Services Committee to serve as a member of the Utilities Committee, that Ryan Kidd become the alternate member for the Services Committee, and that the newly appointed Board Trustee serve as a member of the Services Committee, as recommended by the Finance Committee.


Board of Trustees Candidate Interviews

Motion:      Moved by , seconded by , that all interview candidates be provided the same five questions to prepare for the interview, that the order of the interviews will be a random draw at the time of the meeting, that each candidate will be given ten minutes to address the supplied questions as well as other topics as they see fit, ballots will be voted after the interviews, and then a status check on the vote will be performed, as recommended by the Finance Committee.

Candidates to be interviewed:

Kelly Kuiper - 7351 Wind Stone Dr.

Kirsten M Manthei - 4499 Chateau West Dr.

Adam Vander Band - 1482 Baldwin St.

Dan Winiarski - 7788 Canary Lane



Appointment of Trustee

Motion:     To appoint                  to the position of Township Trustee, with the appointment effective immediately, with the term to expire November 20, 2022 at noon.

Note:     The administering of the oath to follow immediately.  


FOIA Appeal

  1. FOIA Appeal.pdf

Second Public Comment (maximum of three minutes per person)


Discussion and General Information


Meeting Adjourned