Georgetown Charter Township
1515 Baldwin St., Jenison, MI  49428

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Agenda

June 28, 2023, 7:00 p.m.


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December 12, 2022 ZBA meeting minutes


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(VAR2301) Development Management Group-Alive Ministries, representing Arby’s, 4209 Gallatin Pike, Nashville TN, is requesting the following variances:

  1. To have parking and drives within the front yard setback along Main and Church St., a variance from Chapter 24 footnote (L) which states that except for necessary drives and walks, the required front yard setback shall be landscaped and not used for parking, loading, or accessory structures.
  2. To allow a 3 space reduction in the minimum number of parking spaces required for a drive thru restaurant, a variance from Chapter 26.8 which requires 1 space per 75 sq ft of gross floor area, totaling 24 required spaces.
  3. To have a front yard setback of 4.3 feet from the right-of-way line on Main St for a drive aisle, a variance of 25.7 feet from the 30 feet required in Chapter 24; and to have a front yard setback of 9 feet along Church St for parking, a variance of 21 feet from the 30 feet required in Chapter 24.


in a (CS) Community Service Commercial district, on a parcel of land described as P.P. # 70-14-13-401-028, located at 241 Church St, Georgetown Township, Ottawa County, Michigan.


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