Georgetown Charter Township
 1515 Baldwin St., Jenison, MI  49428
Township Board Meeting Agenda
January 10, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Prayer for Guidance


Jim Wierenga


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


Roll Call


Approval of Agenda


Communications, Letters and Reports Received for Information


December 1, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

  1. PCM211201.pdf

December 13, 2021, Utilities Committee Meeting Minutes

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Public Comments for action items remaining on the agenda (maximum of three minutes per person)


Consent Agenda


Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting


December 13, 2021 Township Board Meeting Minutes

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Approval of the bills


Approval of the layout of the Preliminary Plat of Rivers Edge Estates No. 1, P.P. # 70-14-04-200-010, P.P. # 70-14-04-200-026, and P.P. # 70-14-04-200-025, located at 9408 28th Ave., 9250 28th Ave., and 2735 Fillmore St., zoned Low Density Residential (LDR), Georgetown Township, Ottawa County, Michigan.


(REZ2202) Ordinance 2022-02: Ordinance Amendment To Chapter 20.

Motion:     To (approve/deny) the resolution, as recommended by the Planning Commission.


2022 Resolution to Establish Polling Locations (2021 Precinct Map)

Note:         At the January 26, 2021 meeting, the Election Commission approved a new precinct map, which now includes the new County Commission districts.  The facilities for polling locations have been previously used as polling locations.  However, Precinct 11 was moved from Waterford Place to the same location as Precinct 15, Grace Bible Fellowship Church, 1260 Chicago Dr., Jenison 49428.  The reason was because during the 2020 elections, Waterford Place could not be used as a polling location due to Covid restrictions.   The facilities were chosen based on the ability for each to accommodate the newly increased number of registered voters for their designated precincts.  All authorized agents of the facilities have already signed agreements designating their facility has compliant with the criteria listed in the law for a polling location and to allow their facilities to be used as polling locations until December 31, 2022.  New agreements will be obtained in 2023.


Motion:     To approve the following Resolution to Establish Polling Locations, as recommended by the Finance Committee:



Resolution to Establish Polling Locations

Resolution No.           


WHEREAS, Section 661 of Michigan Election Law, Public Act 116 of 1954, MCL 168.661, provides for township boards to establishing polling locations and provides the criteria for a polling location; and


WHEREAS, The Township Board of Georgetown has determined that establishing polling locations for the precincts as follows is appropriate and that these polling locations all meet the criteria as stipulated in Michigan Election Law, MCL 168.661, as attested to by authorized agents of each facility;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Georgetown Charter Township Board hereby establishes polling locations for newly created precincts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 as follows:


Precincts                                 Polling Locations

Precinct #1 and #3                  Wellspring Church, 4466 Bauer Road, Hudsonville 49426

Precinct #2                              Cottonwood Heights CRC, 1101 Cypress Dr., Jenison 48428

Precinct #4 and #9                  Fair Haven Church, 2900 Baldwin St., Hudsonville 49426

Precinct #5                              Ridgewood CRC, 1571 Baldwin St., Jenison 49428

Precinct #6                              Georgetown Township Office, 1515 Baldwin St., Jenison 49428

Precinct #7                              Georgetown Bible Church, 4114 Baldwin St., Hudsonville 49426

Precinct #8 and #12                Chapel Pointe, 3350 Baldwin St., Hudsonville 49426

Precinct #10                            Holy Cross Church, 1481 Baldwin St., Jenison 49428

Precinct #11 & #15                 Grace Bible Fellowship Church, 1260 Chicago Dr., Jenison 49428

Precinct #13                            Fellowship Reformed Church, 6610 36th Ave., Hudsonville 49426

Precinct #14                            Rosewood Reformed Church, 2795 Rosewood St., Jenison 49428

Precinct #16 and #17              Jenison Bible Church, 6360 14th Ave., Hudsonville 49426


LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that the Township Board directs the Township Superintendent to sign any and all of the associated agreements and directs new Voter ID cards to be sent to registered voters in the Township as prescribed by Election Law (for all changes listed in Election Law) and approves the associated costs for all such mailings. 


The foregoing resolution offered by Township Board Member                                 , and second offered by Township Board Member                               .


Upon roll call vote the following voted yes:                                                  

Upon roll call vote the following voted no:                                                    


MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY and the Clerk declared the resolution adopted.



Ryan Kidd, Georgetown Township Clerk


Additional notes:  As per Election Law, an updated Voter Identification Card must be issued to every voter affected by the following: 

A permanent voting district change;

A new precinct or polling location;

A new Congressional, State Senate, State House or County Commissioner District.



Pave the Shoulders of 14th Ave.

Motion:           To approve the installation of an additional 3 feet of paved shoulder to both sides of 14th Avenue, from 44th Street to Ponstein Drive, when the Ottawa County Road Commission re-surfaces the road, which is currently scheduled for 2024, as recommended by the Utilities Committee.


Senior Transportation Public Notice

Motion:  To authorize the publication of the Senior Transportation Public Notice, as recommended by the Finance Committee


Fire Department Sign Request

Motion: To approve the low bid from D-Sign, of $25,594.50, to upgrade the signs at Station 1 (44th Street) and Station 3 (36th Avenue) to digital display boards, as recommended by the Finance Committee.


July 2022 Constituent Survey - Themes/Objectives


Second Public Comment (maximum of three minutes per person)


Discussion and General Information


Meeting Adjourned